Small towns have lots of green space & animals love them. Small towns are quiet & slower paced, giving us an opportunity to stop, observe & reflect at any given moment without interfering with an on purposed hurried flow. When you live in a small town there is an intimacy within you, for the collectiveness of all your neighbors & real thought behind the kindness given to their welfare. In a small town, without thinking you are immediately called to action in celebration & when pain & suffering occur. The true beauty of a small town is when you become aware that you are so connected with others that there is no doubt that this is home and we are family!

One of the most innovative & fastest growing settings for both independent & assisted livings options in the United States today is the university based retirement community and for those whose idea of heaven on earth revolves around an atmosphere of intellect, lifelong learning & an atmosphere that intrigues you with past present & future there is no better place than a university campus. The very energy is infectious.

The Ammons Family who are also one of the founding families of Mars Hill University continued their legacy over twenty years ago when they secured the land & built Mars Hill Retirement Community adjacent to Mars Hill University.

What dream & innovation to have the vision of such a wonderful opportunity for students & seniors to learn from, help & to grow together in knowledge with each other to form such a special community at that time was an evolution & just made good since.

For all of this to happen in the small town of Mars Hill, North Carolina made it beautiful.

Mars Hill Retirement staff are committed to their residents. Staff retention is a top priority at MHRC. We know that the quality of resident care produces positive outcomes for everyone. This starts with having dedicated staff who treats our residents like family. Knowing who is caring for you or your loved one makes all the difference.

Mars Hill Retirement Community is a short easy drive from Weaverville & Asheville. Just 10 minutes to downtown Weaverville & 20 minutes to downtown Asheville. No matter where you are coming from our location is ideal for you or your loved one.

In an assisted living world, when the Doctors all have a list for mom & dad about what they can & cannot do; & the children have another list of must have & must not have; Mars Hill Retirement Community Dining Service has taken in all the suggestions from all the experts & has designed a seated service dining experience with choices.

Our wonderful dining staff under the direction of Manager Bud Redden has made it their mission to create combinations that will always receive an astonishing yes! Our residents are always thrilled, & they beam with pride in their very own recipes or their grandmother’s recipe being created and served. They delight in the creativity of each meal & are elated while experiencing the freshest of ingredients & new taste sensations.

Our residents always marvel at the choices they have, & their families are always in disbelief that our residents can order unpublished items directly from our chef with another astonishing yes!

Science has proven that the more you move the better your mood. It is also a fact that if you wish to be extraordinary you must not rely on the ordinary. It is your choice.

Mars Hill Retirement Community is no ordinary assisted Living. You will want to take some time to explore & enjoy all the beauty of this picturesque campus setting. On any given day you can choose an exercise class, water aerobics, attend a sports event, hike a mountain trail, visit a museum, ride a bike, attend a musical performance, a theatre performance a lecture series or audit a class. There is shopping, restaurants & even a brewery all within walking distance of your back door. You will find your opportunities are boundless while surrounded by the history & culture of lovely people & this wonderful community.

Find out why we were voted the best in assisted living by Senior Advisor in 2020! Come visit us!