Aloha, Teresa Hammack!


A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to Teresa Hammack, who retired on April 1 after serving at MHR for 21 years! Teresa worked in several roles at MHR, the most recent being Marketing Director.

Teresa was raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She describes life on the island as one in which everyone was connected; everyone was family. No one was forgotten, and no one was left behind.

Teresa carried the values she learned growing up into the rest of her life, including her career at Mars Hill Retirement. “I believe that we are all students, and each of us was born with a special purpose,” she says. “I learned that our elders are to be cherished, as they have life wisdom and knowledge. If we listen to that wisdom, it will protect us along our way.”

Teresa has been at Mars Hill since its beginning. She watched as our building was built and felt the excitement and expectation of like-minded wonderful people coming together with the same goals to work and prepare for our wonderful new residents, who she now considers both her teachers and friends.

Says Teresa, “Together, we have all laughed, cried, danced, and grown in our richness of being human and being a team. What I love most about Mars Hill Retirement Community is that everyone is family, and everyone can feel the wonderful energy when they walk in our doors.”

Hawaiians say “Aloha” to mean hello, goodbye, and love. Aloha encompasses a way of being — of peace, compassion, understanding, and respect. It means that you live in harmony with people with mercy, kindness, and grace. Teresa says that to her, Mars Hill encompasses “Aloha.”

Teresa, we believe that you have embodied “Aloha” throughout your time here at Mars Hill! Thank you for your dedication to our residents. We will miss you and wish you Aloha!