7 Benefits of Downsizing in Retirement


You’ve worked hard, raised some great kids, and now you’re ready to relax during your golden years. One of the many benefits of retirement can be the freedom to enjoy different things than you have before — such as more time to yourself for travel, seeing friends, or even taking classes. Many people find that simplifying their lives by downsizing helps them to be able to have the experiences they want in retirement. Here are seven benefits to downsizing when you retire:

  1. Downsizing possessions means it will be easier for you to relocate when the time comes — no endless packing, organizing, renting a storage unit for overflow, or trying to give away or sell what you don’t need.
  2. Downsizing allows you to have more time for the things you want to do. Moving to a condo or a home with a smaller yard means less upkeep both inside and out. Instead of spending time cleaning or mowing, you’ll be able to have more time to yourself.
  3. Stress will be minimized when you downsize. Let’s face it — having all the electronics, cars, furniture, and knickknacks are great, and when you’re raising kids, many of these items are essential. But by simplifying and keeping only the essentials, you’ll save yourself the hassle of all the upkeep, cleaning, and organizing a lot of stuff you don’t even use anymore.
  4. Downsizing to a smaller, one-level home could save you from falls and injuries. As we get older, mobility can become more difficult or even limited. Moving into a smaller home or a retirement center can help keep you safer.
  5. You could drive less when you downsize. Mixed-use communities are becoming more common, and this is great news for seniors! You can buy or rent a small apartment or condo and be just steps away from shopping, entertainment, and restaurants.
  6. Downsizing will lessen or eliminate work for your children. By getting rid of what you don’t need ahead of time, you’ll save your kids the work of helping you pack, sort, and donate everything once you get ready to move to another home. (Although they probably do owe you for all those times you cleaned up after them!)
  7. When you downsize, you’ll save money. Retirement means you can live where you want — why not consider a county or state where the cost of living is lower? Additionally, a smaller home or a retirement center means you’ll save big-time on utilities, mortgage, and other monthly bills!

For great tips on planning and organizing a downsize, read 10 Tips for Successful Downsizing in Retirement from MarketWatch.com.

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