Resident Spotlight


Otis Fulmer JR

Born in Aiken, South Carolina Otis was the fourth son of five boys, the oldest being 16 years older than the youngest. His family moved five times within the same county before Otis was out of high school. After high school, Otis went to work in Augusta Georgia working on WW11 Range Finders and Anti Geo for antiaircraft for 2 years and in 1953 was drafted into the army.

Otis then spent fifteen months in Germany. He went to Amsterdam on vacation and really enjoyed the time spent there.

After Germany and his service in the army, Otis attended the University of South Carolina and Graduated in 1959. While there he also worked for Von Braun, on the Juno Vehicle and Jupiter C. In 1961 he changed over to NASA and started monitoring contractors.

Three years later, he moved to the Mila Merritt Island launch area which later turned into the JFK Space Center.

Otis met his wife that same year. Barbara Ann Foster was working at the time as a Navy secretary. They were wed in 1965 and now have one son and two grandsons who live in Mars Hill NC.
Otis worked on all the moon shots, Sky Lab one and two and the Russian and US Space program mission, in which the two capsules were to join up in space in the mid 1970s. He continued to work for the US Space Program until Shuttle #8.

In September 1997, Otis and Ann moved to Spruce Pine and Joined the 1st Presbyterian Church.

Otis has survived a Stroke in 2009, Cancer in 2012 and triple bypass in 2017. We are glad to have Otis with us!