Santa Drops in to MHRC to Award Prizes to Winners of Door Decorating Contest!

Photo 4  Bianca Redden and Santa Claus admire each other's pretty red outfits during the Door Decorating Contest hosted by Mars Hill Retirement Community.Dozens of local boys and girls entered the door decorating contest hosted by Mars Hill Retirement on Saturday, Dec. 12, and fortunately not one was naughty—but all were exceptionally nice. That’s good because Santa Claus showed up to add holiday cheer to an already joyful and artistic competition.



The contest was won by Sarah Griffin, who is in second grade at Mars Hill Elementary School. Santa had a gift for every child, and a photo was made of every child and resident who sat on Santa’s knee as a gift from Mars Hill Retirement Community.

Photo 2  Sarah Griffin accepts her prize for winning the Door Decorating Contest Mars Hill Retirement Community.

Sarah Griffin accepts her prize for winning.

“You could feel the excitement of both the children and the residents as the contest got underway,” said Teresa Hammack, marketing director for Mars Hill Retirement Community. “Residents were amazed at how well behaved and talented the groups of young children were, and you could tell each group had  designed and planned the doors ahead of time.” Each of the children’s teams also had an adult leader .



Residents and more than 50 guests watched in wonder as bits of paper, ribbon, and tape turned into wonderful doors of holiday cheer. The residents were as proud as the children and invited each other to view the wonderful displays on their doors.



The Winning Door!


 A lunch of turkey sandwiches, chips, cookies and milk were served to the guests as they waited for Santa to arrive and the winning door to be announced. When the residents and children heard Santa was in the building, it was hard to contain the excitement! Children excitedly got in line along with some of the residents to have that special moment to exchange wishes with Santa and to catch that special look to ensure that their holiday wishes would come true. For such good kids, they probably will.  


 MHRC would like to thank everyone who participated this year!

Happy Holidays!





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