Vial of “Life” – Life Saving Information for Emergencies

Mars Hill Retirement Community is once again providing free “Vial of Life” program materials to local residents and organizations as a way to help emergency workers find vital information in the shortest possible time. The program offers participants a proven and convenient resource to help them record their specific key health information and place it where EMT persons are trained to look for fast answers—usually inside the refrigerator. Gaining access to this kind of information allows them to make treatment decisions in the crucial first few minutes that can make the difference between life and death.

“The program has met with huge acceptance each year we have offered it as a free service to the community,” said Teresa Hammack, marketing director and director of the Vial of Life program at Mars Hill Retirement Community. “But we’re still amazed at how many people still don’t know about it. As long as there’s someone who doesn’t have these life-saving materials, we will keep providing them as a free service as long as our supplies last.”

The Vial of Life program materials include a “vital facts” sheet for each person to fill out, a moisture-proof plastic bag or bottle to place the fact sheet inside, and a special red label that goes on the refrigerator door. Organizations can also place these red labels on the windows of vehicles so that EMT workers know to look inside the glove compartment should their employees encounter emergencies while out on the road. Whenever an accident or health crisis occurs and the person cannot speak for themselves, the Vial of Life will “speak” for them.


“EMT workers are unanimous in supporting the merits of the Vial of Life program,” says Hammack. “It makes their jobs immensely less stressful when they can open a vial and find the name, birth date, medical information and medications, names of family and personal physician with phone numbers, and a photo if there is more than one person in the household. Program sponsors suggest that those who want this kind of safety measure take the information sheet with them on their next doctor’s visit and let their nurse fill it out for them.”

Persons or organizations may request free supplies from Mars Hill Retirement Community by calling Teresa Hammack at (828) 689-7970, or by visiting the website at There is no charge for the materials and they are usually sent out within a few days of each request.

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